Auto Face Tracking Gimbal Stabilizer A200

Product name: A200 face tracking phone

Effective transmission distance: 3.28-9.84ft / 1-3 meters

Main material: ABS plastic

Operating temperature: -10 ° ~ 50 °

Maximum load capacity: 17.6oz/500g

Applicable models: 7 inches or less (no phone case)

black color

Size: 7.05 x 3.8in / 179 x 96.5mm (including base)

Net weight: 8.47 oz/240 g (including base)

Battery capacity: 1800mah

Rs.7,150.00 Rs.15,000.00


Auto Face Tracking Gimbal Stabilizer A200

  • Mobile phone fixation
    The mobile phone clip can fix the mobile phone on a stand to take pictures of people’s faces and free both hands
    The gimbal can rotate 180 ° , and the mobile phone holder can rotate freely 360 degrees so that customers no longer need to worry about the “risk” problems ”
    You can really shoot whatever you want

  • Camera tracking function
    The stand has a tracking function
    Press the button to activate the tracking function
    Press the button again to stop the recognition Indicator
    light flashes green and enters face recognition
    The camera has a tilt angle of 25 ° to meet the needs of standing and sitting shooting
    when the indicator light is Solid green, the face detection is successful
    when the camera is turned on, the person is in the gesture the mock gesture in the range triggers the tracking to start for 2 seconds, and wiping the palm for 3 seconds activates the tracking to stop
    it automatically turns off after 20 minutes when no one is in the range of the camera
    Exit The charging indicator light flashes red when the camera is turned on, which means the battery is low or the voltage is too low (less than 2.7v) It cannot be turned on and needs to be charged
    When the battery is fully charged, the red light goes out
    Double-click the button to enter the panoramic shooting function
    in panoramic mode, Press the button to stop spinning, or it will stop automatically after 5 minutes of spinning

  • fill light function
    The mobile phone holder is equipped with a full
    light white and yellow fill light, double click to turn on, click to go through 9 levels of brightness or color, go through 9 levels and click again to turn off, or double click to turn off in the middle of the
    fill light can rotate with The phone, and the angle can be flexibly adjusted to achieve the desired shooting effect.
    When you find that the light is dim, you need to charge the filling light so that it can renew the light for you again.

  • Built-in rechargeable battery
    smart portable tripod 1800mah energy new energy lithium battery and TYPE-C interface fast and safe charging
    after fully charged, it can be used continuously for 10 hours of extremely long battery life

  • Stability and non-slip
    Smart tri-axis structure for improved stability, fast running and automatic tracking
    Disc stable chassis, silicone non-slip design. Two-way two-way stretch, silicone cushion design, protects your mobile phone with a stable clip

  • No need for an application
    with a built-in camera, the face tracking phone holder can track you intelligently, you don’t need to download any app or connect via Bluete
    Compatible with any video apps like Facebook, Zoom, live streaming, video capture

  • The scope of application
    is suitable for use in scenes such as watching videos, following videos and live broadcasts while driving

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