Huawei Free Buds 4i


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  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • 10 Hours of Continuous Playback
  • Premium Design
  • Crystal Clear Sound
  • 1-Months Warranty

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Huawei Free Buds 4i

Huawei FreeBuds 4i earbuds are true wireless stereo (TWS) earbuds consisting of left and right earbuds and a charging case, and feature an in-ear design for increased comfort when being worn. The Huawei FreeBuds 4i earbuds can be connected with other devices such as phones, tablets, and PCs over Bluetooth to make voice calls and play music. Featuring a 10 mm-diameter dynamic driver unit, two microphones for environmental noise cancellation during calls, feedforward active noise cancellation (ANC), and Awareness mode, the Huawei FreeBuds 4i earbuds achieve crystal clear audio delivery. With a low power solution and 55 mAh battery, the Huawei FreeBuds 4i earbuds have a long battery life and a fast charging speed via the charging case.

Immersive Stereo Sound and Switching Between Primary/Secondary Earbuds

After connecting to a Bluetooth device, the earbuds will play stereo sound through both channels when making voice calls or playing music. They intelligently designate one earbud as primary and the other as secondary based on their condition and battery level.

Feedforward Noise Cancellation for Crystal Clear Audio

A feedforward microphone is used to pick up background noise, and a reverse sound wave is generated in real time to eliminate the noise, bringing comfortable noise canceling. Maximum noise canceling depth in the core frequency band: 22 dB

Be Aware of Clear and Natural Ambient Sound

You can switch to Awareness mode by touching and holding either earbud, which enables you to be aware of the surrounding sound without taking off your earbuds.

Fast Charging and Long Battery Life

With a large-capacity battery in a compact body, the Huawei FreeBuds 4i earbuds feature a long battery life with a low-power solution.

Proximity Pairing Prompt Upon Opening the Case

On phones running EMUI 10.0/Magic UI 3.0 or later, a proximity pairing prompt will be displayed each time you open the charging case for a rapid pairing or connection. The battery level of the earbuds and charging case will be displayed on the prompts.

In-Ear Design and Surging Bass

The Huawei FreeBuds 4i earbuds feature a 10 mm-diameter dynamic driver and an in-ear design for maximum comfort and stability.

Easy Touch Controls

Both earbuds use built-in capacitive sensors to achieve the double-tap and touch-and-hold shortcuts. You can change the shortcut settings in the AI Life app on a phone running EMUI 11.0/Magic UI 4.0 or later.

Dual-Microphone Environmental Noise Cancellation During Calls

Each earbud has two Micro-Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS) silicon microphones that support environmental noise cancellation during calls, effectively reducing ambient noise for high-quality voice calls.

With noise canceling disabled and the volume set to 50%, a full charge of the earbuds allows for 10 hours of music playback (in AAC format), or 6.5 hours of voice calls.

A full charge of the earbuds and charging case allows for 22 hours of music playback, or 14 hours of voice calls.

The earbuds support fast charging, and a 10-minute charge allows for 4 hours of music playback.

(Conditions: The charging case has sufficient battery, the earbuds are fast-charged at room temperature, and the earbuds are used to play music in AAC format with a 50% volume level.)

Smart Wear Detection and Audio Broadcasts

The Huawei FreeBuds 4i earbuds offer smart wear detection to achieve the following functions:

Play or pause music (requires EMUI 10.0/Magic UI 3.0 or later)

Switch the audio output device (requires EMUI 10.1/Magic UI 3.1 or later)

Broadcast audio prompts (requires EMUI 10.0/Magic UI 3.0 or later)

Double-tap either earbud to perform the following:

Default Settings:

Play/Pause music.

Answer/End a call

Touch and hold either earbud to perform the following:

Choose a noise control mode: Noise canceling, Awareness, or Off.

Optional Settings:

Double-tap either earbud to perform the following:

Play/Pause music.

Skip to the next song.

Return to the previous song.

Wake up the voice assistant.


Touch and hold either earbud to perform the following:

Choose a noise control mode.

Low Latency and Audio-Video Synchronization

To reduce the latency of Bluetooth transmission and synchronize audio and video during gaming, the Huawei FreeBuds 4i earbuds automatically enter low-latency mode when you are playing games on a phone running EMUI 11.0 or later.

Convenient Settings and Updates in the Ai Life App

The Huawei FreeBuds 4i earbuds work in conjunction with the Huawei AI Life app for you to switch between different noise control modes, customize noise canceling settings, set shortcut operations, and perform OTA updates.

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