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Samsung 35W Power Adapter Duo


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  • Optimised for Charging Tablets

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Samsung 35W Power Adapter Duo

Go for Super Fast Charging –for the speed, safety, stability and the power

Super Fast, safe and stable, Don’t settle for less – enjoy Super Fast Charging for a wide range of tech essentials even iPhones.

35W Power Adapter Duo appeals its dual ports with approaching USB-C & A cables. Bold texts on the top left and bottom right emphasize maximum wattage for USB-C and USB-A, which are 35W and 15W respectively.

The dual-port charger powerful enough for simultaneous, high-output charging

Experience the powerful, unrivaled excellence of the dual port-equipped.

Power Adapter Duo is plugged into the wall outlet to charge both smartphone and a laptop at the same time.

*Charging cable not included.**Charging rates may vary depending on device types as well as the number of devices being charged simultaneously; The adapter supplies up to 35W of power when charging a single device via USB-C. The maximum power output of 35W is reserved for charging PCs only.

Charge up a wide range of devices at their optimal speeds

Androids? Of course. iOS isn’t a problem either!

35W Power Adapter Duo is placed in the center of Samsung devices such as laptop, smartphone, tablet PC, smart watch and ear buds to describe its wide coverage.


  • Black

General Feature

  • Features(USB-C) Super Fast Charging max. 25 W, PD 3.0 PPS max. 35 W / (USB-A) AFC,QC max. 15 W / (C+A) 20 W + 15 W
  • InterfaceUSB-C, USB-A
  • Packaging ContentsPower Adapter, Quick Start Guide

Physical specification

  • Dimension (Pack: WxHxD)49 x 28 x 79.65 mm
  • Weight92.3 g


  • Input Voltage100-240 V
  • Output Voltage (Max, Normal Charge)5 V
  • Output Voltage (Max, Fast Charge)(USB-C, PDO) 9 V, 15 V, 20 V / (USB-C, PPS) 3.3-20 V / (USB-A) 9 V
  • Output Current (Max, Normal Charge)3 A
  • Output Current (Max, Fast Charge)(USB-C, PDO) 3 A(9 V), 2.33 A(15 V), 1.75 A(20 V) / (USB-C, PPS) 1.75 A(3.3-20 V) / (USB-A) 1.67 A(9 V)
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