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Samsung Charger with Micro USB Cable


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  • Adaptive Fast Charging
  • Micro USB Cable

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Samsung Charger with Micro USB Cable: Power Up Your Device

The Samsung Charger with Micro USB Cable is a convenient and reliable solution for charging your older Samsung devices.

  • Designed for Micro USB Compatibility: This charger features a standard USB Type-A connector on one end and a Micro USB connector on the other, specifically suited for devices with this older port type.
  • Reliable Charging: It provides a stable power supply to charge your phone efficiently.
  • Samsung Brand Quality: Backed by Samsung’s reputation, you can expect a level of quality and durability.

While the description highlights its functionality, it’s important to note:

  • Limited Compatibility: This charger is only compatible with devices that have a Micro USB port. Newer Samsung phones have transitioned to USB-C ports.
  • Slower Charging Speeds: Compared to modern chargers, the charging speed might be slower due to the limitations of the Micro USB standard.

Overall, the Samsung Charger with Micro USB Cable is a practical option for charging older Samsung devices with this specific port type.

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