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Galaxy Buds+

Introducing Galaxy Buds+

Blast BTS with your new best Buds

Show your BTS pride and listen to your favorite BTS hits with the solid purple Galaxy Buds+ BTS Edition. The Buds also include a BTS-themed lock screen and wallpaper, connection and battery animation and more.

Blast BTS with your new best Buds

Tap into the rhythm

Tap into the rhythm


A man with a closely cropped hair is seen from the side wearing the buds in his left ear. He is also pulling up a turtleneck sweater playfully above his nose. Below him is an image of the buds tilted outward with a blue sign wave graphic between them along with the text "Sound by AKG"

Sound you can feel

Image of woman singing with new Galaxy Buds+ in her ears.

Selective hearing

You, loud and clear

One bud facing forward with two circles pointing out where the 2 outer mics are. Another bud facing backward showing a graphic with the inner mic and other circuitry.

22 hours of serious sound

A birds-eye-view of the buds inside their charging case. The case is on top of a black circle that resembles a wireless charger. On the left are three stats in text. 22 hour battery life. 15 hours of talk time. 11 hours of music streaming time.

Fits just right

Three adjustable ear and wing tip sizes come in the box to ensure a comfortable fit. Mix and match to find the perfect fit for any ear shape or size.⁶

One step to connect

Built to pair seamlessly with the Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra 5G, control Galaxy Buds+ from your Galaxy smartphone, smartwatch, tablet or even with voice assistants like Bixby or Alexa.⁷

Swift Pair for Windows 10 PCs

Swift Pair is an easy way to pair your Galaxy Buds+ to your Windows 10 PC.⁷

Tap to control

Perfect palette

Perfect palette

* Available colors may vary by country.

Android & iOS compatible

Android & iOS compatible

Get the new Galaxy Buds+ BTS Edition

Give your favorite BTS songs the studio-quality sound they deserve. The solid purple Galaxy Buds+ BTS Edition come with a BTS-themed lock screen and wallpaper, connection and battery animation, and 7 unique BTS photo cards.


Galaxy Buds+Take your sound to new harmonic heights.

Galaxy BudsSounds good. Feels good. Looks good.


Galaxy Buds+

  • Cosmic Black
  • White
  • Cloud Blue
  • Red
  • Aura Blue

Galaxy Buds

  • Aura Glow Silver
  • Black
  • White
  • Yellow



Galaxy Buds+2-way dynamic per Bud Woofer + Tweeter
Galaxy Buds1-way dynamic


Galaxy Buds+1 inner mic, 2 outer mics on each Bud
Galaxy Buds1 inner mic, 1 outer mic

Ambient Aware

Galaxy Buds+Yes. Inflow of external sound is adjustable.1
Galaxy BudsYes1


Galaxy Buds+Stereo BT
Galaxy BudsStereo BT


Play Time

Galaxy Buds+11H Earbud / 22H with Case3
Galaxy Buds6H Earbud / 13H with Case

Talk Time

Galaxy Buds+7.5H Earbud / 15H with Case3
Galaxy Buds5H Earbud / 11H Cradle

Battery Type

Galaxy Buds+Lithium Ion
Galaxy BudsLithium Ion



Galaxy Buds+USB-C Cable
Galaxy BudsUSB-C Cable


Galaxy Buds+Bluetooth v5.0 (LE up to 2 Mbps)
Galaxy BudsBluetooth v5.0 (LE up to 2 Mbps)


Earbud Dimensions

Galaxy Buds+0.69″ x 0.76″ x 0.88″
Galaxy Buds0.69″ x 0.76″ x 0.88″

Earbud Weight

Galaxy Buds+0.2 oz
Galaxy Buds0.2 oz

Wireless Charging Case Weight

Galaxy Buds+1.4 oz
Galaxy Buds1.4 oz

Water Resistance Level

Galaxy Buds+IPX29
Galaxy BudsIPX29
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